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Archives  : - From Feb. 2014 to 2019 September

Research Papers / Articles

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Tribal Language: an ethno-Power & Authority in historical approach in Manbhum Region

Dr. Pradip Kumar Mandal & Jagdeep Oraon

X. Transformation of Folk Healing Tradition in Peri-urban Habitation of Purulia town, West Bengal Sudip Bhui & Brajamohan Samal
X. Tradition and Culture of North Bengal : A Study in a Tribal Dynamics Mayank Prakash
X. Reserves of India: Issues of Conservation and Conflict Umesh Kumar
X. FDI in Hospitality Sector – A review Praveen Srivastava & Shelly Srivastava
X. Challenges and Opportunities of Online advertising In India Dr. Sandeep kumar

Need of changing lifestyle of customer through high performance retail

Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Cricket Pitches – Science behind the Art of Pitch Making

S. B. Singh
X. Implementation Issue of JIT (Just in Time) in Indian Steel Industries Badvar Dnyandev Vishvas & Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Mohua Tree: A Myth in Santal Society

Nabakumar Duary
X. A Study on Relationship between Lifestyle Factors & Obesity among Teenagers of Mysore  Rashmi Shankar & M. Komala
X. “Attrition in ITES/BPO Sector Shrey Kashyap & Dr Sandeep Kumar
X. Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility in public sector unit Rana S Chakravarty & Dr Sandeep Kumar
X. Importance of imparting managerial training to technical staff of an organization Kaveri Kumari & Dr Sandeep Kumar
X. Opportunities & Benefits of Employee Training and Development Vidya Vijeta
X. Sustainable Development: Emerging Issues In India’s Steel Sector Anusha Priya & Dr Sandeep Kumar
X. The Challenges Knocking Our Judicial System Himadrish Suwan
X. Wireless transmission of electricity from a power source to an electrical load Sadhan Kumari & Baseer ul Rasool
X. A Strategic Perspective on Organisational Change & Development for Sustainable Growth: A Study on Child fund India Indrajit Banerjee, Mary Sheila Bodra & Subhajit Bhattacharya
X. Afro-Indians from Slavery to Statesmanship Dr. Shamshad Ali
X. Cognitive Development of Tribal Preschool Children of Mysore District, Karnataka B. Dakshayani & MR Gangadhar
X. Globalization, information revolution and its impact on Kurmi / Mahto women Mamta Kumari & Dr Surender Pandey
X. Impact of Development Plans on Women & Reproductive Health of Muslim Societies of Gaya Nishat Ashrafi & Dr GN Jha
X. Managerial Excellence in Iron and Steel Industry of India Dr Viplava Thakur
X. Nutritional Status of Young Girls of Gadag District Sudha S. Rayanagoudar & Komala M
X. Threat to Biodiversity in the Red Sea along the Eritrean Coast: An Overview Dr. Sanober Naheed
X. A demographic study of Vishwakarma Population of Mysore District, Karnataka State, India Dore Raj, M. L & Rajasekhara Reddy, K.
X. Cloud Computing Issues and Problems in Implementation Ashim Sarkar
X. Utilization of Resources and Adaptive Strategies of Jarawa in Andaman Islands Dr. D.V. Prasad
X. Measuring impact of residence on Social Maturity Vikash Kumar
X. Socio-Development Aspects of Tourism in India Pranjal Kumar
X. Sustainable Development Initiatives under Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study on Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) Utpal Kumar Chakraborty & Binod Narayan
X. Tattoo and Tribal Identity: A Case of the Baiga Tribe of Central India Dr. Basanta Kumar Mohanta
X. Comparative Study and Prevalence of Anxiety in 21st Century Anand Kumar
X. Cultural Analysis of Rock Art Sites in Chatra-Hazaribag Districts of Jharkhand Rahas Kumar Mohanty & Hitendra Anupam
X. Education as an Instrument of Social Revolution : Vivekanand, Gandhi and Present Crisis Dr Avanindra Kumar Jha
X. Empowerment of Women in Ancient Indian Society Dr. Manas Kumar Das
X. Application of GIS in the Management and Promotion of Tourism in Eritrea (Africa) Dr. Mohammed Ehrar Alam
X. Historical Presentation of Professional burnout among Rural and Urban Elementary Teachers Lakshmipriya Malla, Rasmi Ranjan Puhan & Abhijit Sahoo
X. Paramount Impact of Education for Effective Growth of Indian Economy: An Overview Bibhuti Kumar
X. Revisiting the Models underpinning Corporate Social Responsibility Utpal Kumar Chakraborty & Binod Narayan
X. Terrorist Vs Tourist: Economic Implications for Hospitality Sectors in India Rekha Maitra
X. Archaeological Excavation at Tarighat, Chhattisgarh Dr. Atula Kumar Pradhan
X. Attendance Assessment with Implementing Audio Visual Aids Soma Kalia
X. Feminist Movement and It’s Scopes : An Empirical Study Dr. Prashant Kumar Maharana
X. Judicial Suzerain over the Legislature Dr. Lipipuspa Mohanty
X. Mahatma, Swami, Baba & Peasants: 1917 – 1922 Dr Avanindra Kumar Jha
X. Parental Attitude – A Mirror Effect on children in present Day Society Dr. Swapnashri Patnaik
X. Reorientation of Ashram School Education in Odisha Dr. Subhalaxmi Mohanty
X. Tribal Development : Prespective, Programmes and Critique Priyanka Priyadarshini
X. A Study on the Investors Perception of Various Mutual Fund Schemes Shaheer Sabiq .M
X. Emerging Socio-Cultural Identities in Great Andaman: An Anthropological Understanding of Island’s Sacred Complex Dr. D. V. Prasad
X. Maritime and Overseas Trade in Odisha during Ancient Time: A Critical Analysis Dr. Abhijit Sahoo
X. Migration and Tribal Political Organisation : Case of Arunachal Pradesh Professor M.C. Behera
X. Mother’s Role is a Dynamic element of children’s Academic Achievement Dr. Swapnashri Patnaik,
X. Nutritional Status of Low Birth Weight Infants: A Longitudinal Study in Mysore City, Karnataka Arundhathy, M.V. & Komala, M.
X. Socio-demographic and Living Conditions of Tribes of Mysore District, Karnataka B. Dakshayani & M. R. Gangadhar
X. Triply Marginalized Dalit Women of India : A Study T.A. Munavardeen
X. Women's Empowerment through income Generating Programme- SHG Dr Renu Bose
X.16.3.10 Universal Religion Of Swami Vivekananda: A Goal Of All Religions Dr. Bornali Borah
X. Attitudes of Community Health Workers toward Children with Developmental Delays Vidya L. Rao & Komala M.
X. Christian History and Historiography: A Study of Odisha Dr. Sadananda Nayak
X. Indo-Israel Relations from 1977 to 1984 Dr. Mohd Jameel Dar,
X. Life of 49/1: An Ethnographic Account on Everyday Life in a Boy’s Hostel of Kolkata Subhandu Patra
X. Minicoy: The Island and Islanders Md. Nasir Ahemad & Md. Shareef Edurukage
X. The Awareness among Anganwadi Workers about Children with Developmental Delays Vidya L. Rao & Komala M.
X. Yogic Tenets in Devibhagavata Purana Dr. Manugayatri Rath
X. Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Development of Indigenous People in Jharkhand: A Case Study of Tata Steel Utpal Kumar Chakraborty & Binod Narayan
X. Five years Plans and Tribal Development in India Hemalata Chak & Dr. Tusarkanta Pattnaik
X. Panchayati Raj in India Mandakini Naik,
X. Veerappan’s Terrains: The Brigand’s Death Opens Door for Eco-Tourism in Western Ghats K Shiva Kumar & M R Gangadhar


Moral Deviation: Some Causes and Remedies

Madhurima Dowarah



A Study on the Socio-Economic Conditions of Fishing Community of Assam with Special Reference to the Lakhimpur District

Jibedhar Nath

X. Deforestation in Jharkhand: Its effect and solution Ashok kumar Nag
X. Diabetes and tribal of Jharkhand Ashok kumar Nag & Shefa parween,
X. Role of Community Radio in Development: A Case Study on Sangham Radio, India Sertseyonas Negash
X. Role of Stock Exchanges in the Economic Development of India – A Special Reference to BSC and NSC Praseetha.V.P & Anisha. N.G.
X. Treatment of Spermtorrhoea by tribal population of Chotanagpur Ashok kumar Nag
X. Performance Of Self-Help Groups In Lakhimpur District, Assam: A Study Jibedhar Nath
X. A Yield potential study of short grain traditional aromatic varieties of red and lateritic region of West Bengal in comparison with short grain elite rice lines AK Sinha, GK Mallick, PK Mishra, Anjana Sinha
X. Changing Lives of Birhor in Jharkhand A K Sinha
X. Development and Resistance : A Case study of Rourkela Steel Plant PC Pradhan
X. Diabetes and Tribals of Jharkhand Ashok kumar Nag & Shefa Praween
X. Problems of Dealing with Sources of the Mauryan History Sanjay Kumar Jha & Hitendra Anupam
X. Gender Discrimination among Rural Muslim Societies of Bihar Dr GN Jha & Nishat Ashrafi
X. Human Rights Violation of Scheduled Tribes in India and Steps taken by Government: An Analysis Dr. Babu .C. C.,
X. Mahua the Golden Green of Jharkhand Kumari Anima, Ranjana Sinha & P K Mishra
X. The Raji: A Particularly vulnerable tribal group of Uttarakhand Abrar Alam & Dr GN Jha
X. Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act-1958 Vs Human Rights: A Critical Study Diganta Hatiboruah
X. Retaining Employees during Economic slowdown Dr. Ashfaque Alam
X. The Legitimacy of the AFSPA- A Critical Study in the National & International perspective Diganta Hatiboruah


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